Donation Levels

We offer a Sustaining Donor option for those interested in making an annual monthly donation to In12Days. With this program you make a donation every month and the contribution will be taken directly out of the account you provide. You only need to sign up once and then you’re done, but still contributing! You can choose one of our Five Golden Ring options, or you can write in the amount you would like to contribute each month. If you’re interested in only making a one time donation that is also available below.


1 Golden Ring: $15 a month
Help us keep a family engaged with their new support system for! $15 a month allows us to touch in with our recipients throughout the year, invite them to a mid-year reunion with other positive recipient-volunteers who have overcome similar situations, and engage them in paying forward their In12Days experience to others the following year.


2 Golden Rings: $50 a month
Solidify the supply and distribution of our gifts! Help us to receive and warehouse our donated gifts, manage inventory, and rent trucks for pickup and delivery of items!


3 Golden Rings: $83.33 a month
Provide all the personalized gifts for a family that must be custom tailored to their individual needs! Pairs (a play on Pears) of socks, t shirts, jeans, and hats! Age-appropriate bath products and soap items. Special dietary needs, event insurance, cash support, and road-blocks managed by the city in the event that more than 100 supporters show up on Day 12!


4 Golden Rings: $150 a month
Help us to find them! With your donation of $150 a month, we can hire an In12Days family liaison to work with the Clark County School District school psychologists and find the families who are suffering.


5 Golden Rings: $625 a month
Provide an entire In12Days experience for a family in need this December! Your gift ensures that one family will find new community, old friends, and inspired co-workers at their door in the month of December! Your donation provides all gifts, live engagement, and in-depth community outreach initiatives.


Partridge in a Pear Tree: Write-in contribution.
No contribution is too small or too large. If our preset reoccurring donation programs don’t work for you, feel free to write in the amount that does. Your monetary gift to In12Days makes it possible for families to feel hope, joy, and love again as a result of the experiences we create.