About In 12 Days

In 2008, In12Days Founder Suzanne Lea’s husband Bryan died unexpectedly from a heart attack. Nine months after his passing, she and her sons received the gift of the 12 Days of Christmas from anonymous friends and well wishers, moving their family from devastation to a euphoria so profound that it changed their lives forever. It became Suzanne's mission, and the mission of In12Days, to pay forward that moment of complete emotional freedom .

At first glance, the work seems miraculous – a magical menagerie of helicopters delivering bagpipers piping (Day 11: Pipers Piping) or mountains of Dove Chocolate Promises poured over huge inflatable pool turtles (Day 2: Turtle Doves,) but don't be fooled! Long after the beautiful and creative gifts are delivered, a united community of inspired families and supporters grow.

12 Days of delightful surprises

based on the 12 Days of Christmas song for children and their families who have lost a parent or close family member.