Join us as a Volunteer

Thank you for joining us!

A Miraculous Journey of the Heart
  • Is there a child in your community who has recently suffered the loss of a parent?
  • A child who could benefit from the stability, warmth, and steadfast love that you and your family can provide?

This is your chance to save a life.

“In 12 Days” is a network of people across the country who come together to lift up children who are suffering from the loss of a family member. We bring friends and families and groups from your community together in a twelve day series of experiences that will change the lives of our recipients forever.

This year we are inviting volunteers throughout the valley to help in bringing our magic to twelve families in Clark County, and our work begins now!

We have selected families in your communities who have suffered greatly due to the recent death of a loved one. That parent can no longer be a part of the emotional stability of their child's life, and that parent cannot be there to lift up the heart of the family when it falters.

And this is where you come in…helping to provide the magic that the family needs to experience the true peace, hope, joy, and love of the Holiday Season.

Sneakiness is a skill we need!!

We need crews of 15 families to help design, fill, and arrange the gifts and baskets that will be delivered to the recipient family’s door each day; one volunteer family a day, plus a few back-up supporters. We will have several meetings in the fall to inspire, educate and involve your family, and one very special day in November to build the baskets and gifts.

Once you are given the date and instructions for delivery, it will be your special moment to sneak up to the house, arrange the gifts at the door, ring the bell, and then run away before you are discovered! You and your children will be amazed at the wonderful magic that comes from being involved with these families in such a special way.